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Ivan Babic

“If everything you do, you do it FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE, you will find the congruence in your life that allows you to create desirable and profitable world-class business ideas, and become a better human being in the process”. If you agree with this, let me introduce you to Ivan Babic.

CEO & Founder at Business as Unusual and Trend.Cards, Human-Centered Strategist at Momlancers, international speaker and a great storyteller. You must talk to Ivan if you want to challenge the paradigms of your organization at all levels. Expert in Innovation, Trends, Human Behavior, Marketing and Creativity, Entrepreneur, Coach and Startups Developer, he has created several methodologies and models applying the principles of the Human-Centered approach and Design Thinking to create new ways of doing business.

With more than 25 years of a very fun, exciting and successful career in creative & technology industries, and with a deep anthropological, sociological & psychological understanding of the human being, he discovered the key for value creation and applies that knowledge strategically in everything he does for his clients no matter the size of their business. “It’s very simple”, he says, “At the end, ALL VALUE IS HUMAN CENTERED.”

Creator of Entrepreneuras.com, a comic about the funny world of entrepreneurship & startups, and co-author of Trend.Cards, a human-centered innovation & value creation game based on behavioral sciences. He studied Communications at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela) and is Master in Business Entrepreneurship from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).

His favorite words are: WHAT IF…

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Ivan Babic

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Business as Unusual

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