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Andrea Lobo

There’s people in this world with a natural ability to empathize with others and fully understand them within the fraction of a second. There’s people with the superpower to foresee the future and predict how people will behave, based on the acceptance of what’s currently happening out there. There’s extraordinary people that always act from their values and are recalcitrantly congruent even in the challenging times of flexible moral we’re living now. If you want to meet one of those human beings, always looking for ways to do good to people, let me introduce you to Andrea Lobo.

Trendwatcher, Human-Centered specialist and Partner at Business as Unusual, since 2015 she has created a set of BEHAVIORAL TRENDS, full of insights and needstates, to cluster markets from a post-demographic perspective and create real value propositions from there. Her vision over people is changing the way companies understand and apply the HUMAN-CENTERED approach to marketing, innovation, and business planning processes.

“Humans seem to be too complex to understand, specially when you see them from a corporate perspective. The first thing you need to do, for a real HUMAN-CENTERED approach, is to stop seeing people as consumers or customers, and start seeing them as who they really are, as humans. The moment you stop trying to sell them something, and get really interested in what they need, how they think and behave, what problems they have; then you will be able to create REAL VALUE PROPOSITIONS coming out from your acceptance, empathy and congruence.”

Andrea is an expert in Communications, the Human-Centered Approach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which she’s been applying with excellent results among Private Companies, Government, Universities and Non-Profit Organizations; and with people of different cultures, ages, beliefs, education and socio-economical levels. She has created several contents, tools and models based on her skills in empathy-rapport, active listening, persuasion, resilience, social responsibility, creativity, communications, and global vision. These abilities have allowed her to create a unique vision in the analysis of human behaviors and beliefs.

“Think about this: most marketing approaches in the world are still based on Philip Kotler’s 4’Ps vision (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion) aimed towards a demographic Target, like guns in a war. But the world has changed a lot since that vision was released, and now more than ever we live in a bidirectional, interactive, informed, and over-communicated world where the consumer has the first and last word about the survival of your business. And a new strategic paradigm is needed for business in this human-centric reality. We need to shift the order of our priorities and start planning everything from a different P: PEOPLE, from a post-demographic perspective.”

Raised in a family with a strong commitment –and life testimony- to human development and social service, her life has been always about actively participating, learning and sharing better ways to help each other, solve problems in creative ways, and promote the innate tendency to become better human beings and consciously live in community, within any kind of environments and organizations.

She studied Communications at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Neuro-Linguistic Programming with John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) and the Human-Centered Approach at Universidad Iberoamericana. She’s the “unusual” part of Business as Unusual.

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Andrea Lobo

Chief People Officer / Founder

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