Pepsico - Human Decoded - Mexico January 2019

Human Decoded (Mexico – 2019)

Human Decoded: a journey to explore the depths of the human beings, to understand the human behind the consumer. An interactive art exhibition created with PepsiCo LATAM Insights.

How to accelerate the transformation of a global snacks & beverages corporation like PepsiCo into a business towards the good of the people? Can a corporation really put people at the core of its strategic thinking process and still be profitable? Can we go even further in the quest for business growth, reframing our ways of working, establishing empathy as the main tool for value creation?

We came out with an idea to achieve that, on a massive scale, through a profound shift of paradigms among the marketing, innovation, channels, sales, r&d, and product teams of the organization. Nowadays, we’re giving purpose to the people in charge of creating the PepsiCo of the future, its brands, products, and the business in general.

Human Decoded is an immersive off/online experience. Conceived as an art exhibition, it’s a journey to the depts of the human being, the way we behave, assign value, and make our decisions. Each one of its interactive stations contains strong insights about different aspects of the homo sapiens as species.

Through a directed association exercise, the assistants are invited to walk through the gallery, watch the different art pieces, and use their mobile devices to grab the QR codes of each station and watch a short movie with key messages about different aspects of the human being in a post-demographics view.

Each year the Insights department invites people to the presentation of its foresights. This year, instead of a PowerPoint with intelligible graphics, more than 200 directors and managers were driven through a path of self- knowledge, empathy, and personal purpose in their jobs.

This was just the beginning, what took-off in Mexico has already landed in Brazil, and now is being adopted by the organization in Latin America. Welcome to the new era of the Human-Centered approach.

Pepsico Latam –
Mexico City, Mexico – January 2019


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