Akua Capital - Team Coaching Office Hacks - Mexico September 2018

Team Coaching & Office Hacks for Hyperproductivity (Malinalco, Mexico – 2018)

Team coaching, communications, agreements, team building and office hacks for hyperpoductivity. A 2-day workshop/offsite in Malinalco, Mexico, to enhance the team internal communications and office habits, through proven tricks and hacks to solve the most common problems in our day-to-day.

Do you struggle to manage all your emails during the day? Did you know that up to 78% of them are totally unnecessary? Do you know how to write an email? And who to copy, when and how? Got too many unproductive meetings? But, do you know how to call and manage an effective one? Do you think you’re good at multitasking? Sure you are, even it doesn’t exist. But, have you heard of switchtasking?

And what about your personal life? Do you manage balance life/work? Do you know your colleagues? What they want? And, what do you want?

Akua Capital – akuacapital.com.mx
Malinalco, Mexico – September 2018


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