Moments-Based Marketing Strategies

Moments-Based Marketing Strategies

In today’s information-saturated society, the traditional marketing playbook, focused on capturing attention through interruption, is losing its efficacy. Consumers, overwhelmed by the deluge of content and advertisements, are increasingly selective about where they direct their attention. This shift demands a new marketing paradigm—one that prioritizes relevance and value over sheer visibility. “Moments-Based Marketing Strategies” is a forward-looking talk designed to guide managing directors, marketing and sales professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and accelerators on how to seamlessly integrate their value proposition into the lives of consumers by identifying and leveraging key moments. This session aims to equip participants with the insights and tools necessary to craft marketing strategies that resonate deeply with their target audience, fostering engagement and loyalty in an era of selective attention.

Based on our proprietary methodology, Moments-Based Marketing Strategies is not just about adjusting tactics; it’s about adopting a new mindset that values the consumer’s time, attention, and experience above all. By focusing on adding value at precisely the right moments, brands can achieve a level of engagement and loyalty that traditional marketing methods can no longer guarantee. This talk will inspire participants to rethink their marketing strategies, encouraging them to become more agile, empathetic, and consumer-focused in their approach.

Directed to: Managing directors, marketing, sales, entrepreneurs, investors and accelerators.

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