The Innovation Moms by Momlancers and Business as Unusual

Momlancers and Business as Unusual have joined efforts to create a new line of services, The Innovation Moms, an army of more than 10 thousand women ready to act in Mexico for your business needs.

The Innovation Moms by Momlancers and Business as Unusual

Momlancers is an organization committed to the inclusion and empowerment of women in the workplace, especially those who are mothers. Through job reintegration programs, Momlancers seeks to close the gender gap and create opportunities for women to develop their skills and achieve their professional goals. One of its main services is as a flexible and on-demand freelance work network to meet different needs in organizations nationwide.

The Innovation Moms by Momlancers and Business as Unusual

The core benefits of using The Innovation Moms in your organization are:

  • A compelling blend of insights, strategic innovation, agile execution & a community of talents and audiences
  • A transformative force for brands looking to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape
  • The opportunity to make a positive impact, transforming the world of business and innovation, one mom at a time

The Innovation Moms - Services

We have organized the services into 4 main groups, covering the full spectrum of the innovation cycle in a very agile and competitive manner: Street Pulse, learning what’s happening out there; In-Depth, understanding people, their needs, behaviors, insights and motivations; Co-Creation, inviting the moms to ideate, innovate and create new value for them; and Validation, the end game, testing and enhancing ideas directly with consumers.

The Innovation Moms - Street Pulse Services

  1. Market Thermometer: This service provides real-time analytics on market trends, consumer behavior, and economic indicators.
  2. Mystery Shopper: Involves trained agents posing as customers to evaluate the quality of service and product availability in stores.
  3. Trendwatching: This service focuses on identifying emerging trends in various sectors like fashion, technology, lifestyle, food, beverages, etc.
  4. Merchandising Analysis and Storecheck Services: This involves physical or virtual audits of retail outlets to ensure compliance with company standards, promotional execution, and product placement.
  5. Consumer Sentiment Analysis (Brands & Competitors): This service focus on gauging public opinion and sentiment towards brands and products.
  6. General Auditing: Help businesses understand how they faring in reality with the execution of their initiatives and expectations.
  7. Footprint Analysis: This service would analyze a company’s online and offline presence, including advertising, reach, frequency, traffic, engagement, awareness, advertising effectiveness, and performance.
  8. Cultural Insights and Localization Services: This service offers insights into cultures and consumer behaviors, assisting in adapting products, marketing strategies, and overall business strategies.

The Innovation Moms - In-Depth Services

  1. In-depth Interviews: Conducting extensive, open-ended interviews for a deep dive into individual’s experiences, perceptions, and attitudes.
  2. Cultural Immersion Programs: These programs offer structured experiences to live and interact with a specific cultural or social group.
  3. A Day in the Life Studies: This service involves closely observing and documenting a person’s daily routine to understand their behaviors, choices, and interactions.
  4. Journals / Logs: This method encourages participants to keep a detailed log of their daily activities and experiences over a period.
  5. Ethnographic Research: Involves immersive research methods, spending extended time in the community or group being studied.
  6. Tribes Analysis: This service focuses on identifying and studying specific subgroups within a population, characterized by unique behaviors, values, or interests.
  7. Opportunities, Insights & Needstates Detection: This service involves identifying unmet needs, insights, motivations or emerging trends within a community or population group.
  8. Life History Collection: This longitudinal study can provide deep insights into how individuals’ backgrounds and experiences shape their current behaviors, choices and attitudes.

The Innovation Moms - Co-Creation Services

  1. Crowdsourced Challenges and Competitions: Public challenges where consumers are invited to submit solutions or ideas for specific problems or opportunities.
  2. Ideas Platforms: Digital platforms where consumers can submit, discuss, and vote on ideas.
  3. Innovation Labs: Dedicated spaces where consumers, and experts can collaborate on new ideas on a regular basis.
  4. Ideation Sessions: Structured brainstorming sessions involving consumers to create new products, services and solutions.
  5. Co-Creation Panels & Creative Workshops: Consumers working alongside experts (designers, engineers, marketers and business strategists) to develop products and services.
  6. Consumer Advisory Panels: Long-term panels consisting of selected consumers who regularly provide feedback and ideas at various stages of the product and service development process.
  7. Communities of Value: Grouping consumers around specific brands or products, united by shared values, interests, and goals, especially in the context of creating, sharing, and consuming value, actively engaged in creation processes, leveraging their collective intelligence, experiences, and insights to drive innovation and develop solutions that are deeply aligned with their needs and aspirations.

The Innovation Moms - Validation Services

  1. Focus Groups: Selected consumers brought together to discuss and provide feedback on a specific product, campaign, or idea.
  2. Product Testing and Home Usage Tests (HUTs): Consumers use a prototype or beta version of a product in their everyday life and provide feedback on its functionality, usability, and overall experience.
  3. Digital Surveys and Polls: Useful for gathering quantitative data on consumer preferences, perceptions, and intentions.
  4. Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing consumer sentiments towards a brand, product, or campaign, providing real-time feedback on what is resonating with the audience.
  5. Crowdtesting Platforms: Utilizing the power of crowdsourcing to allow a large group of consumers from diverse backgrounds to test products or services and provide feedback.
  6. Enhancements, Pivoting and Feedback Sessions: Inviting consumers to interact with pretotypes and early versions of a product or service to provide feedback for pivoting and enhancing the final version.
  7. Validation Sessions: Structured meetings where concepts, prototypes, or strategies are presented to a group of target consumers.
  8. Communication Assessment: Marketing campaigns and messages are tested with consumers to gauge their reactions and effectiveness.

The Innovation Moms by Regina Cabal and Ivan Babic

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