Devorame Otra Vez - Human-Centered Value Creation - Mexico July 2018

Human-Centered Value Creation (Mexico – 2018)

The Human-Centered Approach represents a radical paradigm shift. Originally created as a psychotherapy method, when used in the business world as a pivot for strategies, brands begin to change the perspective from where they detect their market opportunities. Instead of saying “I am the brand X and I need to innovate … what should I do?”, It begins with a different set of questions from a human perspective: “I am consumer X, I think this way, I behave like this, I have these problems, and I need this … What can you do for me? “.

Advertising and Digital agencies should move away from the communications/platforms/brands scope and move towards are more extent spectre of creativity, including business models, distribution channels, production, etc.

Devórame Otra Vez –
Mexico – July 2018


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