Our roster of innovation consulting services comes in a full range of involvement options. Going from inspirational lectures and conferences about trends, innovation, and the Human-Centered approach, to full organizational transformations using our own methodologies and involving all your employees in the process.

Innovation Services: From Inspiration to Transformation

No matter if you already have your innovation process in place, and you’re only looking for fresh consumer insights, or you are clueless about where to start the transformation of your company. We can help you in a variety of ways in the process of value creation for your clients, pivoting, above all, from the common sense of the Human-Centered Approach (what’s happening out there), as a starting point for your creativity:

  1. Inspirational Conferences about Trends and Innovation – Inspirational lectures, speeches, conferences and short workshops about the Human-Centered approach. Value creation, marketing, innovation, and behavioral trends in different industries & markets.
  2. Value-Creation Academic Workshops – Trendwatching, value creation, ideation & problem solving techniques, using our Behavioral Trends & agile ideation methodologies.
  3. Innovation Sessions – Generate new ideas & Human-Centered Value Propositions for your business. Work in an easy 1 / 2 / 3 approach that will boost your teams creativity.
  4. Innovation-Based Strategic Planning – Design your marketing plans based on market trends & innovation methodologies. Design the trajectory of your company for the next years.
  5. Innovation-Driven Business Transformation – A full consulting to turn your business into an Exponential Organization through our Innovation-Driven Business approach & methodologies.

Click on each one to see a full description, or contact us at hello@unusual.business to help us understand your needs and create ad-hoc proposal for you.

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